Saturday, May 31, 2008

2001 Torre di Ciardo by Marchesi Torrigiani

Basically this is a Super-Tuscan for a bargain! This was recommended to me by one of the staff at Wine Expo in West LA. Beautiful deep plum colors and aromas of dark cherries and spices.

The taste was very big and intense. Lots of dark berry flavors, spices and even a little bit of smokey undertones. The wine had a nice tannic finish and opened up very nicely in the glass. Was just tasting and did not have any food with this wine. However, it would definitely handle a big juicy grilled steak or a nice veggie lasagna. For the price of $10.99 a bottle (yes, only $10.99 a bottle)...this is a steal!

20andUnder Score: B+

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